Prybery (Clean up)
A crowdfunding platform

Prybery is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to the promotion of dog-walking etiquette in the city.

It enables any volunteer to make an appeal for a new walking zone for dogs or other pets in a place, where it is needed. The platform serves as an effective tool to endorse ideas of personal social responsibility and the necessity of acting on the individual level to make the world a better place.

NGO "This is Our Kyiv"
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An interface of the platform is centered around an interactive map, where the user can find dog-walking zones with already installed waste stations by typing address in a form on the website. As a result, the user receives a list of addresses with already equipped zones and open crowdfunding campaigns. Also, users can mark the pace where they want to install a waste station and start a campaign to fund it. The platform was designed with a visual and intuitive layout of information in mind: infographics, explanatory illustrations, and presentations that make content available to a broad audience of different ages and interests.
Mobile Version
The team meticulously adapted the design of the platform to mobile devices and tablets.
Style Guide
Classic font Fira Sans Condensed is undeniably popular among designers thanks to its readability on screens of any mobile devices. The team chose green as the main color of an interface. Green is widely associated with nature and environment motives that are relevant to the platform goals. We decided to deepen a connection to nature theme with the help of complementary sand and vibrant blue colors.
The main color is green
It was combined with other colors to get complementary tones
R65 G177 B84
R255 G224 B122
R67 G80 B99