Bulgakov museum in Kyiv

Bulgakov museum in Kyiv is a cultural, educational and research institution for the study and promotion of M. Bulgakov's work and culture in Ukraine. The museum is engaged in educational, exhibition, scientific, publishing activities for implementing original projects.

Bulgakov museum in Kyiv
Design, Development
Grid system

In a neat design development, we used a grid with different quantitative columns for each type of website and device.

Mobile Version
Website was developed using the Mobile First strategy, which means the foremost development of the mobile version, followed by the desktop version. This technology helps to load the website faster, while in the usual adaptation design elements of the website are just scaled, without decreasing the actual files. Moreover, the functionality of the mobile version of the site isn't limited and users can book tickets and donate money through the mobile version as easily as through the desktop.
Style Guide
We use KyivType Sans font for website interface. KyivType Sans font is brutal, intelligent, hipster and traditional. Using this font is the best variant to modernize a traditional museum without forgetting about traditions.
The main color is green
Green color is a color of Bulgakov's lamp, which is the symbol of the museum. Green color was combined with other colors to get complementary tones.
R13 G172 B142
R224 G248 B244
R0 G0 B0