Camp David & Soccx is a German-based clothing brand by Clinton Großhandels-GmbH. Camp David & Soccx is one of the most popular and broad retail chains in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. As of 2014, it counted up to 250 shops and 1500 outlets of clothing in the aforementioned countries.

Camp David & Soccx
A key point of the interface is a logical sequence of blocks and placement of elements. The assortment of the platform is divided into male and female sections. This solution has helped to structure the vast array of products, increased usability of the website, and helped users to navigate the shopping effectively. We placed a special focus on new collections and discounted products. The mouseover of the product presents an enlarged photo and a card with detailed characteristics, that will help to interest a potential buyer while browsing. We paid special attention to create a clear categorization and easy checkout, as well as a contact form on the website and log in via social media.
Mobile Version
The mobile version of the online store is fully adapted and optimized for smartphones and tablets.
Style Guide
We chose a font Lato by Polish designer Łukasz Dziedzic for interface design. Its harmonic and elegant features outline a character and a mood of the Camp David & Soccx brand. The font is easy to read and displays correctly in any browser. While the pinkish-red tone is the main brand color, it is complemented by the classic combination of interface palette: light gray and deep black colors bring up simplicity and sophistication of the brand style.
The main color is red
It was combined with other colors to get complementary tones
R236 G26 B59
R243 G243 B243
R0 G0 B0