Charitable e-commerce platform for selling meetings with famous people is an innovative online service where auctions of meetings for noble causes are held. Anyone can buy a meeting with an expert or celebrity and thus support a charitable arm or foundation. The mission of is to unite society around good deeds through the development of charity culture and promoting the idea that charity is interesting.

Design, Development
Grid system

Using a 12-column grid allows to divide the content into three, four, and six columns. This is a fairly flexible content visualization tool. It is suitable for adapting information design to various devices.

Mobile Version
At the technical design stage, it was decided to use the Mobile First strategy, because up to 80% of the audience is planned to be attracted from social networks and using mobile devices. This technology helps the site load faster, while during the usual adaptation, the site design features are simply scaled without reducing the actual files.
The functionality of the site mobile version is not limited and allows to fully use the functionality laid down by the platform founders: viewing projects and lots, bidding, using the profile, etc.
Montserrat typeface
Montserrat font belongs to the grotesque, decorative category. This font suits well for corporate sites where it is important to draw additional attention to the title.
Primary colours
Purple and orange are the main style colours of the corporate platform and set the consumer up for active actions with the content.
R143 G35 B179
R249 G70 B28