Corporate website for the energy company

Naftogaz is the largest state-owned company in Ukraine.

As of today, the company is the first hydrocarbon producer in Ukraine, the national counterparty for its import and transit.

Design, Development
Grid system

The adaptive design based on a 12-column grid creates visual consistency between the elements. It connects them into a general system and supports the composition in a reasonable way.

Mobile Version
The website has been developed using the Mobile First strategy, which means developing the mobile version first and then the desktop version. This technology helps the site load faster, while during the usual adaptation, the site design features are simply scaled without reducing the actual files. 
In addition, the functionality of the site mobile version is not limited, thus users can read information, view charts and annual reports in the mobile version as easily as on a computer.
VseBudeDobre typeface
VseBudeDobre font is a calming geometric grotesque. It is good both in small typographic compositions and in large sizes.
Primary colours
Blue and light blue colours are the main elements of the company's corporate style and are the main symbols of the power industry in the world.
R243 G250 B251
R2 G157 B219
R16 G24 B32
R130 G130 B130