Social enterprise

Social enterprise "LoveGav" is the official developer and supplier of special trash cans for cleaning after dogs "Dog toilet", universal BIO-packages, personal containers for BIO-packages and other products for civilized dog keeping.

“This is our Kyiv” NGO
Design, Development
Grid system
Mobile Version
We succeeded to adapt a full-screen version of the website for mobile devices without any harm to the comfort of the user. Moreover, the functionality of mobile version of the site isn't limited and users can make a purchase and pay for it through the mobile version as easily as through the desktop.
Style Guide
The Proxima Nova font is simple and popular, which makes the product design trendy and easy to grasp.
The main color is green
Soft colors don`t distract attention from the product. At the same time,color palette creates a general feeling of freshness and emphasize the environmental friendliness of the project.
R100 G179 B68
R51 G51 B51