Winding and More

Winding and more is an international supplier for automated linear and motor winding machines and systems. There top technology is 100% designed and manufatured at Winding and More srl.

Winding and More srl
Design, Development
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Map of Website
In the site interface, all elements and links to pages are located in the menu, and only important for business information is located on the main page. Such type of interface was chosen to shift the focus to the main aspects.
Mobile Version
We succeeded to adapt a full-screen version of the website for mobile devices without any harm to the comfort of the user. All functions, including the personal account, are available both in the desktop and mobile version.
Style Guide
Open Sans Hebrew Condensed font is discreet and stylish. This helps not to distract the user's attention from the main information and, at the same time, make this information easier to understand.
The main colors are red and black
Classic colors are perfect for a tech company. Especially the red color helps to place the visual accents on the important things.
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