Nash Kiev
Online newsportal

Internet media with the most massive following in Kyiv

Publishers have set a task to relaunch the portal considering changed model of media consumption; to realize a functional private account; to increase view depth and visiting time on the website. As a result, our team offered to implement an updated design, endless and indexable page scroll, dynamic loading of banners and differentiation of user functional in Poster section and Directory, as well as private accounts for users.

Dmytro Fedorenko
Design, Development
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Grid system
In a neat design development, we used a grid with different quantitative columns for each type of website and device.
Built with mobile in mind
One of our primary challenges was adapting the site to mobile without compromising performance.
The navigational structure alters between mobile, tablet, and desktop. We created an experience that works, looks, and feels like an app.
NashKiev typeface
The main color is blue
It was combined with other colors to get complementary tones
R12 G194 B222
R11 G179 B200
R255 G82 B82