Meister is a social project that the government of the Federal Republic of Germany implements in Ukraine.

The program helps internally displaced persons from the ATO/JFO zone (Donetsk and Luhansk regions) who found themselves in difficult living circumstances. The project helps them acquire new professional skills or improve already mastered ones.

A user can register for refresher training courses in a number of different professional areas. It can make a job search easier and helps to avoid difficulties with employment.

Layout, Programming, Support
Grid system
A neat structure of the media platform does not distract from the main product of the company ― training courses and helps to focus attention on a variety of programs and communication with users. The restyled logo of the company makes a beautiful center of a composition in the interface on the main screen.
Mobile version
We succeeded to adapt a full-screen version of the website for mobile devices without any harm to the comfort of the user.
Style guide
The interface of the media platform creates a feeling of reliability and stability with the help of the chosen font and pallet. Font Gilroy is one of the most popular fonts of 2016, marked with distinctive geometric features. The font has gained recognition for its beauty and universality while its balanced forms allowed the designer to achieve an effect of steadiness. The interface palette with grey and blue tones and burgundy accents complements the font, creating perfect harmony.
The main color is gray
It was combined with other colors to get complementary tones
R238 G237 B235
R72 G85 B107
R7 G24 B43
R127 G0 B40