Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. At first, in 1924, Toyota has started as an automatic weaving loom producer, but in 1933 the company has begun to manufacture automobiles, becoming a world leader in the industry by now. Following the latest trends and sometimes even predicting them are some of the key factors of the company's success. Toyota has become a flagship of electrical automobile manufacturing when produced the world's first mass-produced gasoline-electric hybrid car. Toyota Prius has been issued since 1997 and remains one of the most successful cars of its type.

Toyota Cityplaza
Design, Development, Support, E-commerce
The key element of the media platform is a model of a car. This original design solution was a cornerstone of the whole architecture of the website. Other components of the platform are bound to car equipment. Keeping in mind the comfort of the user, we made room for separate sections for lines of car models, information for buyers and car owners, an experience of the company in Ukraine and news about its social projects. Toyota's original souvenir products deserved a separate landing page with a simple interface that highlights a structured search with categories of products, useful filters based on detailed characteristics of products, easy checkout and return to the catalog.
Mobile Version
he website was created using the Mobile First strategy, which means the foremost development of the mobile version, followed by the desktop version. This technology helps to load the website faster, while in the usual adaptation design elements of the website are just scaled, without decreasing the actual files. We know that the tendency of growing mobile web-traffic will only intensify, making the Mobile First strategy more and more relevant.
Toyota typeface
The Open Sans font has open and neutral features. Its smooth and broad character outline makes reading easy from any screen. An interface palette is bright and simple, based on three classic colors - black, red, and white. These colors call to both strength and exquisite style, which is the best solution for the brand with a nearly hundred years of history.
The main color is red
It was combined with other colors to get complementary tones
R65 G177 B84
R255 G224 B122
R67 G80 B99